destiny finishOK, team, my friend Destiny and I need your help. That’s her on the left, crossing the finish line on the Veteran’s Day 5K charity run, about a month after she donated a kidney to a guy who was dying. Yeah, you read that right. Some of the A-listers from the Big Stone Gap movie filming here ran as well, but I don’t think anyone could have been as brave as Destiny.

Destiny is making me some Christmas ornaments, and later a couple of throw pillows. They are all book-shaped. We got her the pattern off Craftsy (if you wanna go look for it) so she could cover us in these adorable things, and also sell them for herself in the books book pillowsThe fabric she’s got for the Christmas ones is on the left, and those are the pillows on the right.

So now we need some cool, made-up titles for her to use on the ornaments. Think “GREAT CHRISTMAS TITLES THAT SHOULD BE.”

So far we have two titles we like: Rudolph the Well-Read Reindeer, and Hat Trick: the unauthorized biography of Frosty the Snowman. But we need more. So comment here with some great titles for Destiny’s little puffy books? Thanks! We know we can count on the collective wisdom of the bibliophilic community and we look forward to reading them.

destinyThis is Destiny with her mom, who passed away a year ago. She was one of our most fun customers. Destiny donating the kidney was part of her doing 50 random acts of kindness (big and small) in honor of her mom’s life. I think I’m going to talk Destiny into writing a book.


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22 responses to “CALLING ALL CREATIVE PEOPLE: Christmas Titles Needed

  1. The Larousse Dictionary of French Christmas Carols; Once in Royal David’s Village; Good Calories, Bad Calories, Holiday Calories; Daniel Derondelay; Frosted The Cupcake; Eat, Pray, Gloves, Tie; Caddie Christmas Tree….(I wish I could see through the walls to my other bookcases)

  2. Tony

    I’ll give it a try –

    A Tale of 3 Ghosts: Miser to Mensch – by Ebeneezer Scrooge

  3. wagneja

    The Wind in the Pillows

  4. Season’s Readings; A Novel Christmas; Good King Wenceslas Looked Out . . . and Decided to Stay Home Reading; White Christmas Bookshelves; What Book is This?; Jingle Bells, Books are Swell; All I Want for Christmas is My Two Fav Books; Grandma Read Too Many Racy Titles; We Three Kings from Random House Are; All I Want for Christmas is a Brand New Nook; Readin’ Around the Christmas Tree; Tales of Kris Kindle; Santa Claus is Coming to a Booksigning; Away in a Bookstore; Yes, Virginia, There are Still Indie Bookstores; Have You Read What I’ve Read?; Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Author; Deck the Halls with Lots of Bookshelves; I Brake for Bookstores – Especially at Christmas; I Saw Mommy Reading Shades of Gray; Scrooge’s Selected Holiday Readings; Bring a Book, Jeanette, Isabella; Go Tell It at the Bookclub; The First Novell; Go Read It on the Mountain; Authors We Have Heard on High . . . whew! This was FUN – I hope you see something you can use, and I look forward to details on the availability of the little puffy books. And Destiny, you are truly an inspiration; what a lovely way to honor your mother’s memory.

  5. Donna Chapman

    Since I am a librarian and a quilter/seamstress, I love, love love the pillows…..but can’t seem to come up with any creative titles 😦

  6. “I’m Dreaming of a Big Stone Gap Christmas” , “The Bookstore Nutcracker”, “The Mystery of the Christmas Without Books”, “The Kitten Who Saved Christmas”

  7. Carol Bannon

    Decking the halls with too many books will be my wallet’s folly.. 🙂
    On Santa’s Well Read List
    All I Want For Christmas Is A Book

  8. Carol Bannon

    A few more because I can’t stop thinking about this challenge:
    “Reading In A Winter Wonderland”
    “Visions of bookmarks danced in their heads”
    “A Day In The Life Of An Elf”
    “How To Stay On The Nice List”
    Have a great weekend!! Blessings- Carol

  9. Pam Bates

    The Pen and the Penguin by Edgar Allan Snow

  10. Mrs. Claus Cooks: Recipes to Satisfy A Right Jolly Old Elf

    LOVE the adorable ornaments! 🙂

  11. …for Destiny: “The Big Match-LESS Girl”…

  12. Peggy Hensley

    I noticed that there is a title containing winter wonderland already suggested, but how about “Alice in Winter Wonderland”?

  13. James R

    The life of Pie

  14. A Match Made In Heaven: John Jr. And Adriana Flaunt The Town

    Lonesome Pine Cones Drop Their Winter Seeds

    Fox And Trigiani, Their Pine Knots In Time For Christmas

    (all these from a woman who has not slept in days, and obviously needs to)

  15. Mark Seaton

    ‘The Brothers Caramelsauce’ ~ Fyodor Isitxmasyetsky
    ‘The Perfect Figgy Pudding’ ~ Spotted Richard
    ‘A Child’s Christmas in Wise’ ~ Thomas Dylan
    ‘Miracle on Clinton Ave E.’ ~ Noel Davies

  16. Peggy Hensley

    One more suggestion: A Christmas Tree Grows In Brooklyn

  17. Lottie Gualdoni

    No suggestions…just wanted to say those fat little books remind me (I’m 89) of the Big Little Books I used to read as a very young child!

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