All I Want is to Crochet this Chicken, OK?

chickensWe’ve all had ’em – those days when it seems like brushing your hair is too much effort. When all you want in the world is to sit quietly in the corner with Netflix and a skein of yarn, crocheting a chicken.

This morning I ordered 12 patterns off Etsy (thanks for the gift card, dear) and sat contemplating the delights of a cat scarf versus a chicken trivet. Chicken won. Scarf is next.

Because when you don’t have books (see last post about Between Books Blue Funk) you still have yarn. And sometimes, that’s enough. I’m between books and I’ve hit rough water in my current writing project. Tomorrow, I’ll get back to writing. Today’s it’s just me, two cones of 100% cotton thread, and an I-hook.

Sure, I’m getting the three loads of laundry done between circular rows. We have to do laundry on Sundays and Mondays because the bookstore is closed then and we don’t own a dryer. We always check REAAAAAAALLLY carefully for errant foundational garments on the rungs of the mystery room chairs, before reopening Tuesday. People point at what they don’t understand. You’d think they’d never seen a size XL thong before.

But what I’m really doing is recharging. Sometimes your brain, like good farmland, needs to go fallow for a day. Leftover pizza for lunch, Chef Kelley’s bowls of good soup for supper, and me and the chicken are gettin’ on like a house afire.

Go by, mad world.

If you want to order the chicken pattern, it’s from Ken-Sarah Moss on Facebook. Here’s the link to her ETSY site. Only costs $3.50 and is quite fun to work up. No, I don’t get a commission – don’t even know the lady! But I’m having fun dating her chicken. Sometimes, ya gotta smooth those ruffled feathers, y’know?

7 thoughts on “All I Want is to Crochet this Chicken, OK?

  1. I have a “fox” stole pattern just calling my name! Just like grandma’s only knit in bulky yarn. Can’t wait to see the library ladies faces when I stroll in wearing that little guy around my neck! Long winters here in New England. We have to work hard to amuse ourselves up here.

    • ROTFL! Absolutely, a fox stole is high class – especially when it involves bulky knit rather than fur.

      I’ve made two chickens so far–hey, we could do a fox in the henhouse pattern! Hmmm….

  2. I went to etsy and bought a pattern. My Mom taught me to crochet, but I’ve not tried it in years. I love that chicken pattern, so I think I will try it. I may need some help – it may require a visit to Big Stone Gap for some personal one-on-one tutoring *wink*wink*.

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