Ruth Thinks Certain Things would be REALLY NICE

DSCN0446Hey y’all, I’m Ruth. Yes, I’m a girl. Yes, I’m an orange tabby. Yes, I’m unusual.

Now we’ve got that out of the way, lemme tell you, we’ve got an unusual life here. It all started when we were born, see. My two brothers and I got taken to a place called a “shelter” when we were three days old. I don’t remember that part, or the part about Mom not coming with us. The first thing I remember is this lady bottle feeding us, and then we slept, and then we got more bottle. Which was very nice, and then the stuff in the bottle was in this big plate on the floor and it had this delicious stuff mixed in, called “solid food.” That was REALLY nice!

DSCN0459And then one day she put us all in this box and we went in a car and we got out at this place FULL of books. And other kittens. And the two ladies talked, and we stayed at the book house. Which was also nice, because she had the same food for us, plus there were other kittens there to play with. We all swapped stories – none of them had moms either. Some of the stories were kinda sad, but then the place where we were was nice: clean, bright, all the food we wanted, plenty of toys, and people kept coming in and cuddling us and saying things like we were adorable, and cute, and brave, and all that. That was REALLY REALLY nice!

Then one day the second lady, the one from here, she came in and sat us all down and explained that we didn’t live there forever, that one day we’d get in a car again, but maybe just one or two at a time, and go live someplace else, and THAT would be our forever homes. We all looked at each other; we like playing together! But then, you know, a forever home. That would be REALLY REALLY REALLY nice. So I guess that’s okay.DSCN0476

You should come visit us. THAT would be REALLY REALLY REALLY nice too! We love to snuggle.

12 thoughts on “Ruth Thinks Certain Things would be REALLY NICE

  1. Your cat blogs are my absolute favorites to read. And I’m a dog! And let me tell you Ruth, forever homes are the best, bester and bestest of all. I have these humans wrapped around all four paws and my tail! You are gonna love it.
    Lucy (also a rescue)

  2. Omgosh! Those blue eyes and big ears and tiny face are too much! Wish I could bring her home but we must wait. Lucky person who gets her.

  3. An I think you should take TOW of us because TOW of us together is more funner and we have someone of our own speezeez to talk to an play with and snukkle with for afternoon naps an at night

  4. **Was Den Mother Jessie Lea around to help Ruth?? Please keep us posted as to Jessie Lea’s “forever home” & Ruth’s

    • Jessie Lea Hudson, now known as Mrs. Hudson, is living the life of luxury in rural Kentucky, with a sister cat and a dog to boss around. She is well content and when last in communication, told us she planned to rearrange the furniture and run up some fresh curtains for the sitting room.

    • No, actually! NONE of the kittens from this cohort have found their forever homes yet, which we think is odd given how perfect and adorable they are. They all hit their box targets 100% of the time, they are sweet and affectionate (except for Jeckyll and Scout, who are sweet and independent) and they have the most distinct and lovable personalities. Something for everyone, but nobody’s coming to get them!

      • Everyone else has, but we still have Scout and Jekyll. And added Oliver, Murtagh and Angus – all boys. Oliver is a tuxedo baby, Angus is black with a white bikini, and Murtagh is jet black. Sadly, big prejudices exist against black cats in America.

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