Caption This

So you’ve all noticed by now that the blog times and lengths and subjects are sliding all over the place. That’s because I’m writing a book, deadline for delivery Feb. 29, 2016. (Leap Year brought me an extra day!)

The subject is adoption and foster care in Appalachia, and it is a strange writing process this time. I love going back to my journalistic roots, but I’ve never had to be self-protective in writing before. The material is darkness and light in unexpected blotches of both, and you never know when you’re going to hit which. You just listen to the people telling their stories, and refuse to bundle things into patterns where they don’t belong. No square pegs forced into round holes to make us feel better about ourselves as humans.

And you keep a sense of humor about you. Which is why, in lieu of a lengthy angst-ridden blog post about writing Fall or Fly (the working title of the book) I am offering the following.

CAPTION THIS – winner gets three hand-crocheted dishcloths. Second place gets a kitten. :]

Let’s say deadline is Dec. 1, since I think that’s Tuesday coming and a lot of people will also visit for the Monday Book. If I can manage to post it on Monday this week. I’ve got a good one. But not as good as this photo. Have fun!

caption this! 011


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16 responses to “Caption This

  1. Audrey

    “The Cat That Rang A Bell”? or “The Cat Takes The Hat”?

  2. “I wonder if she’s going to stay like this until Santa comes??” or “Where did I hide my catnip mouse??” or ” Mrrowww..An Afghan quaint!!”

  3. Joanne Rogers

    Time for a cat nap.

  4. Audrey

    just wondering out loud – that IS a bell-shaped piece of crocheted art, yes?

  5. Doris

    Free Christmas tree-comes with kitten!

  6. Caitlin

    “The first meeting of the Kitten-Knittin’ Club For Ghosts was going well until Sir Fluffypaws became entangled in the club leader’s demonstration piece.”

  7. the kitten spoke “You will be visited by three skein yarns, the first at the midnight, the second casts off at two, the third skein, well…

  8. Pass me that bulb, I found the one that’s burned out!

  9. Carol Bannon

    Casper decided to roll in Lucky Charms cereal and be a Christmas Tree for this year’s kitty shelter party.

  10. rh

    What the SHELL happened?!!!!

  11. Mark Seaton

    Stop. STOP! You had me at Yarn Over…

  12. Wear a condom so you don’t litter 😉
    Better yet just get spayed or neutered.

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