What’s a Cat Husband to Do?

Jack’s weekly guest post

DSCN0441Somehow or other the connection between the bookstore and cat/kitten rescue has become somewhat blurred.

Before even ‘The Little Bookstore’ was published we’d already started. Of course we had our own Valkittie and Beulah then, but they were staff so that was different. The first few kitten rescues didn’t necessarily go according to plan, but that’s another story (or even book).

But this blog post is about me!

I’m a crazy cat lady’s husband and I’m experienced enough now to recognize fellow beings. It’s interesting to observe the different sub-species. Some just hang quietly in the background looking slightly defeated, while others gamely tote carriers and bags of food or litter (have you any idea how much a bag of litter weighs?). But sometimes the balance can be different and it’s the male who takes the lead.

We are in the throes of finally converting from a very informal mix of disparate cat enthusiasts to a proper rescue organization with charity status, a bank account and premises. In the process a number of husbands have emerged to prove there are ‘crazy cat guys’ as well! First there is Brandon who carried out the very first work to the premises, and then there’s Donald who set up a PayPal account to garner the funds we need, then finally there’s Crazy cousin David who is transporting lots of needed materials across three States.

Where do I fit in?

I’m every one of these models – sometimes I hang quietly, sometimes gamely tote carriers and bags of food and litter (yes, I do know how much they weigh!), and I even sometimes have to say “we can’t have any more in here”. But right now it’s about helping pull a plan together that will put us in a much better place to handle a desperate need.

So I’m going to head  to Scotland for a month, and when I get back I fully expect our house to be full of kittens and a second mortgage to be paying for their care. It’s a good thing I love Wendy……

PS You can visit the new organization, APPALACHIAN FELINE FRIENDS, by clicking the link!


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