Satsu Issues an Apology

satsuGood Morning Everyone! My name is Satsu and I’m temping here at The Little Bookstore until March 11. Then I’m moving to DC to pick up some more admin work there.

I’ve arrived in the nick of time here. They sure needed help. The fuzzy guy who runs the bookstore has been dealing with the loss of a personal friend, poor brave soul, plus he’s working three jobs – trying to get a class together for the College for Older Adults, run the bookshop, and renovate a room in Hazel House. (That’s the house he helps run for rescue cats, sweet boy.)

They tell me there’s a lady who works here with the fuzzy guy, but I’ve not seen her – unless she’s that flash of cotton fabrics and hair that whirls through the place about once a week. Someone came in the other day, dropped a suitcase, picked up a suitcase, and left again. That may have been her.

I’m told she just turned in a manuscript for her third book, which is about foster care and adoption. Naturally I assumed it was about cats, but no, it’s human children and social workers and foster care parents, all talking about their experiences. Whatever it was, getting it done on time kept her from putting up any other blogs this week. She left a phone message asking if I could write something, and I’m happy to earn my keep here.

There are just a few temps like me here right now. Four of us started together, but two of the younger girls went out the door a few days later, adopted to forever families. It’s always the cute young ones who go first.

But no worries. Me and this plump older tabby named Nancy Drew, we’re headed out next week, gonna go live in the Big City. I don’t know about Nancy – her goals in life seem to be “Move as little as possible, eat as much as possible” – but me I’m looking forward to life in the fast lane. Papers to pee on, files to eat, online documents to destroy with keyboard crossing – oh, I can’t wait to get started!

So if you were expecting to hear from Fuzzy Guy or Whirling Lady, please be assured they’ll get back in touch next week. I think. He’s up to his ears in faucets and pipes and she’s off someplace doing something for her parents. She’ll be back. Fuzzy Guy is expecting her to help him hold some pipes in place.

Hasta la vista, babes!

9 thoughts on “Satsu Issues an Apology

  1. Dear Satsu, This gives me great concern while, at the same time, I’m happy that your life is moving in positive directions. BUT: your Humans aren’t fleeing The Little House, are they??? Those of us who read rather than chew on books are still going to have that wonderful place in Big Stone Gap, right? Please answer ASAP or I’m going to be really depressed.

  2. Bon Voyage Satsu! I hope you enjoy life in the Big City! If you happen to cross paths with a certain person who is usually surrounded by a lot of gruff looking men in suits and whose heads keep bobbing around like eagles scoping the skies, please feel free to discretely pee on his shoes.

    I’m glad to know that you are another employed cat with benefits; you may enjoy this story about a few others of your tribe.

    • Dear sagecat (and Satsu), I lovelovelove your bon voyage instruction to Satsu re what to do when you greet “a certain person” in the Big City! I would add (after the word “pee”) – “or, leave whatever gift -preferably squishy – you choose on, under, and possibly in his shoes”.

  3. Just stay away from MY house and MY keyboard. My lady lets me walk across the latter, especially when my nose it stuffy, and she keeps her books in places I can’t get at. MY trick is gobbling down my breakfast and bringing it up on her IRS work sheets.

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