Caption Contest Time

It’s time to vote on the best meme –

They are numbered, so just vote for your favorite by its number.

glass 1

Number 1

glass 2

Number 2

glass 3

Number 3

glass 4

Number 4


glass 5

Number 5



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15 responses to “Caption Contest Time

  1. Please give translation of Number 5! Thanks.

  2. Christina M

    Number 3!

  3. That’s a tough one, especially between the first two, but think I’ll go with #1.

  4. Melanie Pratt

    #5. I tried translating it and came up with something about not just for old folks (or something like that). Like the sentiment.

  5. Jeannie Carle

    #3 !!! Oh my yes!!!!!!!!

  6. Jane Dorfman

    Number 3, we need more stories.

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