Whit’s fir ye will nae gang by ye!

Jack’s post is almost on time again – –

I had a wee bit of a scare, for  a few weeks up until this morning.

To start from the beginning: Wendy worries about me, which is very reassuring. So she makes doctor’s appointments for me from time to time in the hopes that the results will tweak me towards a lifestyle she’d find more to her liking. Mostly not smoking! I’ve been smoking since I was sixteen so that’s sixty years.

When I was called for the latest check-up, our sweet, kind and highly professional Dr. B said that I should probably get a CT scan and that it would be free. Well – living up to my Scots background I was all for anything that was free! I went and it was very brief; the paperwork took longer than the scan. But then Our Good Dr. B phoned and said the scan had identified something on one of my lungs. She wanted me to have a PET scan now. I googled and could see this was a bit more ‘intense’ – an IV of radio active iodine for a start!

Meantime I received a letter saying that the initial scan was ‘likely’ not showing cancer – so slightly reassuring – – – Wendy felt that was a very good sign as well.

As our annual Celtic festival had been approaching I had asked that the PET scan be left until after that, and took more reassurance from the doctor’s willingness to delay.

Finally I had the PET scan: first the dreaded iodine IV and then waiting for an hour and a half while it coursed through my body. Then the scan took twenty minutes. All this time I’m wondering what might turn up…

pet scanner

This morning, though, Dr. B phoned and her first words were “I have good news”. She continued to explain that there was no evidence of any unusual ‘metabolic activity’ and this was a good sign that there was no cancer!

Almost my immediate thought wasn’t of relief – that came later. My first thought was for the folk who have the different phone call. Then I thought of our doctor, who must have had to made these other calls. She is a lovely woman with very obvious empathy with her clients and patients. How she handles having to make those other calls I can’t imagine.

So my thoughts tonight are of the folks who get the other kind of phone call and the doctors who have to make them; Wendy and I are holding you in the Light.


13 thoughts on “Whit’s fir ye will nae gang by ye!

  1. Jack I am so happy everything is good , Tony and I have been worried about you, and now sending prayers to all the families that have now gotten the calls that are not so good.
    Blessings and Peace to you Jack and Wendy!

  2. This Anne feels the same way!!
    By the way,(sorry to m ix business with my expression of relief) do you know that 3 different irritating adverts appeared at the bottom of your email epistle? I’d never seen it before and was surprised (CreditCard, Motley Fool, car loans)

  3. You are a compassionate person, bettcha on that. To think of those who get a different message and those who make the calls is pretty special. I’m happy for you and so glad you have a doctor you appreciate and a huge heart.

  4. Every year when I pass my annual smashogram, I put a little nagging post on Facebook. Once it was a bit late, because it took three times to pass it, but I wasn’t tremendously worried because “how old could it be?” I also mention colonoscopies in my little nag announcement, because I watched my mother die of cancer of the small intestine, for which there is no screening test. “Don’t die dumb!” is one of my goals in life, and dying of a curable cancer is…well, I get my screening tests done on time. At the initial appointment for my first colonoscopy, the GI doc urged me to keep the appt for the actual test. “Oh!” I said, “you don’t understand: I ASKED for this test.” Then she cried and told me that the day before she’d done surgery on a loving grandfather, just retired and full of plans. She’d opened him up, done what she could, and told him to get his affairs in order. Good news is always welcome, and I’m so glad that your news was good, but…let’s all GET OUR SCREENING TESTS DONE ON TIME, please?

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