Freewheelin’ Doon the Brae

Jack creakily creeps over the line to get his guest post in on a Wednesday – –

So I turned seventy eight years old today (Wednesday) although it may be Thursday before this appears!


As far as I know the only two members of my immediate family to get beyond that are my Mum and my sister Margaret.

So I see eighty coming over the horizon and that’s quite a sobering thought. All the folk I know around my age are ‘old’, but that’s not how I feel at all. Despite smoking and drinking most of my life I seem to continue to be fairly healthy.

When I look back I’m surprised at how my life turned out and the twists and turns. When I was a house painter I never expected to become a lecturer in management studies or to gain an MBA from one of the most prestigious Scottish Universities. When I started singing in a skiffle group I never expected to make seven albums and contribute to three others.

Today I was equally surprised to see more than a hundred birthday greetings on facebook, which reminded me of how many friends all over the world I’ve made. Some are from way back and some not so far, and some only on line.


But the odd thing is that I’m very aware of friends and family who haven’t made it this far, and they’re actually the ones I’m thinking of today more then any. Among them are Margaret, Colin, Mike, Davy, Jim, Gordeanna, Anne and Maureen.

Since I do seem to be fairly healthy, though, I guess I should just get on with it and be lucky that I continue to make new friends and have a wife that despite twenty one years of sparring, somehow sticks by me –

Onwards and upwards!

9 thoughts on “Freewheelin’ Doon the Brae

  1. Just finished your lovely little book – The Bookstore of Big Sone Gap. At the end of the chapter titled The Way We Buy Now – second to last sentence . . . when my book becomes a commodity traded on the secondhand market,. . .
    Thought you would HAPPY to know I bought it second hand at Mr, K’s Used Bookstore in Asheville, NC!

  2. And add another Happy Birthday to those Facebook wishes, Jack, even though I have never met you, I feel lucky to know a bit of you through my dear friend Helen White, who sadly is one of those who didn’t make it this far, and your dear wife.

    • I was shocked by Helen’s passing as was everyone who new her! But as I get older in turn, it’s unfortunately only to be expected.

  3. Sorry I missed your birthday yesterday JACK but happy happy birthday. You still look the same today as you did when you were a year old in your picture with your sister.🎂🎉🎁😁🎈👍🏼

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  4. Happy belated birthday from a crone (I guess only females get that title) who was also born in 42. I met you (and Wendy, and cats and dogs) several years ago (maybe 10?) when sharing some pottery in the bookstore, and loved seeing where the “book” came from. Congratulations! PS, I also shop at Mr. K’s in Asheville, but was glad to purchase your Bookstore book in another local store when new!

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