There’s Ayewis Some’hin’

Jack is very late this week with his Wednesday post – – –

Following the thorough disassembling, cleaning and rebuilding of our dishwasher yesterday I got to thinking of all the things we’ve done here since moving in just over a year ago.

The first job was to install a cat flap so our felines could access the fully enclosed porch. Then it was redecorating the library and guest room. Soon after was when we discovered Paul, everyone’s handyman and he created our extra parking area off the driveway. Then I constructed our fire pit in the back yard.


Next was building the shed to house our riding mower –










And then trimming the trees that were about to bring down our power line and telephone line.


Replacing the washing machine was only thanks to good friends with muscle power!

Talking of friends reminds me that we’ve found many good ones here in Wytheville while managing to retain our existing ones in Big Stone Gap.

Two friends – one from near here and one from Big Stone – helped us replace our lovely Narnia style back yard lamp post recently.


Just before that we had two big trees taken down and another two trimmed back. They were all ominously close to either our house and garage or our neighbor’s.

I almost forgot the rebuilding of our antique and rotted benches –











Mostly it’s been just us, but sometimes with help and occasionally with professionals.

The next job will be completely re-doing the bathroom – so definitely professionals!

3 thoughts on “There’s Ayewis Some’hin’

  1. It was fun to see all your improvements, especially the fire ring! I cleared our side yard last summer of ancient forsythia bushes and rampant ivy so now have a clear area to create a little garden/sitting area complete with fire ring. I succumbed to one of those metal ones with moose and evergreen cut outs. 😊 You and Jack need to come enjoy it, and we could paddle the lake by moonlight again. So happy you’re doing well in your new place! By the way, I loaned my copy of Fall or Fly to one of my seniors who is writing a paper about mental illnesses among adults who were foster children. The ripples keep spreading, now into the next generation. Thank you for writing it, Wendy.

  2. Thanks Elizabeth – When it warms up tomorrow I’ll be gathering all the twigs scattered around the yard from the tree cutting.

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