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My blog is about to hit 100,000 visits, and our bookstore Facebook page is about to hit 1,000 likes. We’ve been looking for ways to celebrate these milestones, and a chat with a friend the other day helped us hit on the perfect plan. (Thanks, Sam!)

Drum roll please……

Announcing the “Funniest Pick-up Line in a bookstore” competition. Witty, silly, just plain bad, or even one that might actually work: give us your best shot at sparking interest from someone who catches your interest while browsing books. You can put your entry under any blog post; just start the comment with PICK UP LINE CONTEST.

When we hit 1,000 on Facebook or 100,000 here, whichever comes first, we will choose a winner. Jack, I, and any friend who happens to be in our house at the moment of truth, will be the judges. (That random friend would naturally be exempted from voting for him/herself.) Winner gets a free Jack Beck music CD and the top entries will be in a blog post.

So get your game on, keep it classy, and have fun! And remember, post them here, not on Facebook. We won’t be able to keep up with both places. Thanks!


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