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A Little Ditty about a Ditzy Moment

crazy bookstoreFor some reason our bookstore FB page’s banner photo has been attracting attention again. Granted, it is a weird photo, and my favorite story about it used to be that it featured a national Korean magazine story about it. So over in Korea, people now think they know SW VA based on this photo. Think about it……

But this is my new favorite response. Our own local poet and part-time bookstore employee James Ryan penned this as a photo caption:


Here’s just a little jingle
About a place to mingle
When your mind is tired and sore
There’s a quiet place
And a smiling face
At Tales of The Lonesome Pine Bookstore

You can pet a cat
Now imagine that
‘Til you are thoroughly smitten
You’ll find that adoption
Is a really good option
For that cute and playful kitten

You can find a book
In some bright nook
Or is it maybe a cranny
It’s a wonderful place
For the whole human race
You can even bring your Granny

If you’re in the mood
For some home-made food
Just visit our crowning glory
Because it’s really neat
To sit and eat
In the Café on the second story

The bookstore opens at ten
Tuesday thru Saturday is when
And the café opens at eleven
If your time allows
You can eat then browse
In our little slice of Heaven

So please come sit
And share your wit
With anyone who has time to do it
It’s a marvelous bookstore
And I’ll tell you what’s more
That’s our tale and we’re sticking to it

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Caption Contest (or, What in the….)

Back before my book was published we ran several caption contests, usually involving adorable foster kittens from the bookstore. It was fun, and it got people interested in the book and our shop, so the work was win-win.

But now I feel that one more caption contest must be held, because… well, just look at this.

Yeah. So that’s why a contest must be held. This might be my favorite bookstore photo ever. Should you want to use them, names are (from the left) Jack, Elizabeth, Heather, Elissa and (seated) Rachael. I think that’s enough for you to work with. The contest will close Nov. 30, and the winner gets a signed copy of The Little Bookstore of Big Stone Gap–now also available in large print, so please specify.

Put your caption in the comments section below, and PLEASE be sure we have a way to contact you. We still can’t find “Sal” who won one of the earlier contests. Have fun!


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