Molly LOVED being an only child after our last FELV (feline leukemia) foster died, so we felt the wee bit sorry for her when Mama and Suzi arrived within a week of each other. Molly—who does not have FELV—rolled her eyes and went out the cat flap.

Mama went upstairs and established my office as her domain. Suzi went under the bed and emerged a couple of days later to fall hard for Bruce, our big pit bull baby. By the end of the day they were sharing his dog bed.

Bruce and Suzi

Not wanting the FELV twins to go out, we ended up doing surreptitious midnight-and-morning door openings for Molly. The neighbors must be convinced by now that we’re dealing drugs, but it kept Molly happy, and we could hear her scratching if I worked from the kitchen, so let it ride.

Yesterday morning dawned mild and glorious, a balmy breeze promising spring. Molly wanted out, and right behind her went Bruce. It took me a minute (I was on my first cup of coffee) to realize why Bruce had eight legs. Suzi was quite literally walking underneath him.

Crap. Well, the weather was mild, so I left the door open to ease tiny Suzi’s use of the heavy cat flap. A minute later I heard the flap and figured it was all good.

Nope. That was Mama, making a break for it.

Day was breaking, which meant the chickens were waking. It is our custom to put scraps for them each morning, so first thing they do is come running up to the back porch. They appeared on the horizon just as I was trying to coax the somewhat bewildered Suzi back inside. Mama took off to chase the chickens, then turned tail and went up the nearest tree when they chased her. Don’t get between a chicken and breakfast.

Suzi dove for cover under our porch as Molly sat nearby, cat-laughing with her tail tucked around her paws, eyes in slits. The chickens feasted, then went off to dig up the yard.

I taped the flap up so Suzi could come back inside once things calmed down, then went to gather eggs. One of the chickens followed me—after all I am the bearer of scraps. When I went into the house and began to glass eggs, I heard something come through the open hole that had been the cat flap. When I turned around, one of the chickens stood in the kitchen, watching me preserve eggs in the lime solution of a large glass jar. I could see the thought bubble above her head: So that’s why they keep disappearing!

Chasing the chicken out, I almost ran over Suzi trying come back inside. She retreated, shrieking, and I heard a purr: Molly was watching. I’m surprised she didn’t have a bowl of popcorn at her side, because the bubble above her head clearly said, Best. Movie. Ever.

We left the flap taped up. The chickens did not try again; I feel certain the little white hen told them what we were doing to their children, and they are plotting.

Suzi came in of her own accord. Mama eventually was coaxed down from the tree and carried inside, safe from the horrible flying things who clucked in an unpleasant way as I passed them with Mama in my arms. She shrank against me.

Molly sat outside on the porch awhile longer, in case there was a sequel.

How’s your morning going?  

Isabella has a few Things to Say

isabellaWell h’lo there! I’m Isabella. I came from a large family of cats – fourteen or so of us – that got dispersed because Dad died and Mom was kinda fed up with the whole thing.

I’m spayed and I keep my sleeping area neat as a pin. I’m so glad to finally have one of my own to keep! Used to share with three of my sisters, and they were always sticking their feet in my eyes.

I wear a tuxedo all the time, but I’m not stuck up or dressy or anything. My foster mom here says the tuxedo is right for me ’cause I’m not very feminine. Or maybe she said feline. She says I run around so much, I’m like a lightning bug on cocaine.

I’m really good at catching lightning bugs. And flies. And dust beams. Foster Dad says I’m their tiny dancer ’cause I do the most graceful pir- piroue – flips. He says I’m more fun to watch than television.

At night when things slow down I like to wait until Mom’s asleep and then sneak down and get between her shoulder and her chin. It’s my favorite place to sleep. When she wakes up and finds me there she laughs. She says no one would ever believe I could hold still long enough to sleep.

isabellaMom asked me what I wanted in a forever home, and I’ve given it a lot of thought between runs. I want a place where it’s okay to climb up on things. I LOVE being queen of the cat castle in the mystery room here at the bookstore! It would be fun to have another cat or two around, and I don’t mind if there’s dogs. It would be nice to have some older kids to play with, but I’m not gonna get dressed up in a bonnet, ‘kay? I play; I don’t get played with. And NOBODY puts Bella in a stroller!

Other than that I don’t much mind what kind of home it is, so long as it’s forever and the people are nice and don’t expect me to ride around on their shoulders. Laps are cool; shoulders and getting carried, not so much. Why ride when you can run?

So maybe you’re looking for a good mouser inside (I’d be lonely in a barn) or a friendly cat to play with who isn’t gonna be all co-dependent and everything. That would be ME!

Come by the bookstore. Ask for Isabella. See ya!adoptables 036