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The All-Season Greeting Display, or How Lazy People Decorate a Bookshop

With all the other things there are to do in the bookshop, Jack and I have decided we’re never expending energy decorating for a holiday again. Instead we set up the All-Season Happiness Display.

We will just move the yellow sticky with an arrow pointing to the appropriate seasonal cheer item.

We think this will catch on quickly. It’s really the lazy version of not taking your tree down,  but we won’t have to string Hearts, Shamrocks, Bunnies and the rest throughout the year. All we have to do is move the sticky arrow.

Yes, we know we should patent it, but we want the rest of humanity to benefit from our genius.

Also, lest any of you judge us for our … shall we say, conservation of personal energy, we do wish to point out that the shop IS ready for Christmas, Hanukkah and the rest. (Belated Eid Mubarak to our friends back in the UK.) We’ve looked out all our Christmas items, no matter how… bizarre. Cozy murder mysteries with titles like “Mad as the Dickens” and “‘Twas the Bite Before Christmas” and even a DVD called “Santa’s Slay” grace our shelves.

No, I’m not making that up. Look at the picture. Or don’t; it might give you nightmares.

So we feel well-decorated with books, and the rather odd DVD or two, and the place smells like Christmas thanks to Heather’s homemade candles. Come Christmas, come whatever, we are ready.

Except maybe for that Santa Slay guy….


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