Post your captions in comments for this photo, taken in our bookstore this past spring. Contest closes August 12. The winner receives a free copy of The Little Bookstore of Big Stone Gap and helps judge caption contest V. There will be seven contests in all, thanks to St. Martin’s Press!


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22 responses to “CAPTION CONTEST IV

  1. Stacy B.

    That’s a REALLY big book!!

  2. Kylee Kilbourne

    “If I can charm them with my accordion skills, my accomplices can swipe all their Harry Potter books behind their backs. Mwahahaha.”

  3. Kay

    I’d rather be reading a book!

  4. Pay me and I will put the instrument down slowly. Otherwise, I will try and play.

  5. I’ve heard of accordion books, but this one comes with its own sound effects! Cool!

  6. Can I join the Bremen Town Musicians now?

  7. Sandy R.

    Is that what you call a book mite?

  8. “I See the Notebook”

  9. Wow, mom! This is the most amazing pop-up book I’ve ever seen!

  10. Accordian Kid's Dad

    “Best pop-up book EVER!”

  11. Far League Ranger

    I didn’t break it, honest! It just came apart like this!

  12. Laura Taylor

    Yeah, I’m gonna need an instruction manual….

  13. Did you find that copy of “Accordian Playing for Dummies” yet?

  14. Michelle

    I just know one of the kitties is in this book – I can hear `em screeching!

  15. Sharon F. Hall

    Now what was that song Dad used to sing? Oh yeah, Momma’s got a squeezebox. Here goes!

  16. the book said this was the easiest instrument to play BOY WERE THEY WRONG!!!!!!!

  17. I’ll bet I could catch a fly in this!

  18. John

    How can “in a gadda da vida” and “stairway to heaven” be on this store’s do not play list?

  19. I’m still cooler than the kid with the clarinet.

  20. Dude, if I practice hard enough on this thing, I could be the Justin Bieber of polka!! I’ll have to beat the Polish girls off with a stick!!!

  21. After many attempts to urge their son to learn to play an instrument, they regretted the day he decided to play the accordion. However it paid off, for he praised their support in an interview shortly after winning the 71st Coupe Mondiale. When asked why the accordion appealed to him at such a young age, he grinned and posed the following question. “How can you not love an instrument that resembles a stack of books?”

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