Egad! Those Ears!

nike footThis is Nike Bad Ass The Moth. She was stolen from a family that has barn cats they don’t spay or neuter, by a caring passerby who realized she had “fly strike.” (If you want to know what fly strike is, Google it. Don’t eat anything while you do.)

Fly strike is a horrible way to die, so the lady got in touch with the rescue I volunteer for, and the rest is history. One very reasonable vet bill later (Thanks, Beth!) Nike was ensconced in the bookstore. And our hearts. And Jack’s shoes.

She loves Jack’s shoes. (I think she has a foot fetish overall.) She sits on them and he rides her through the bookstore. He sits down and she attacks, clinging to one side as she attempts to bite through the toe. He can stand up and walk and she’ll continue her attack. I don’t have a photo, because when she does it every adult in the house falls into gibbering incapacitated mush: “Ohlookshe’sdoingitagain. Sweetiebabiepatootieadorablecutiepiekisskisskiss.”

Or variations feet

Nike takes up about a cubic foot of space. And sucks the oxygen out of the room. Grownups entering the bookstore squeal with delight when they see her. Children make a beeline. One of my friends isn’t speaking to me anymore, because her sixteen-year-old daughter isn’t speaking to her because the kitten didn’t go home with them. (Sorry, Cathie!)

nike dogHaving left home too young, Nike picked up most of her life skills from watching our staff cats–she’s still a little soft on ear maintenance, but then it’s a big job for her–and we’re ready to audition permanent homes where she can rule as benevolent overlord. Nike has chased our 65-pound Lab away from her food dish; she also informed staff cat Owen – about eight times her size – that he needed to wake up and play with her, by whapping him with her paw. When he didn’t notice, she jumped onto his head and mauled him.

In accordance with T.S. Eliot’s advice, Nike has three names, her first given by the woman who rescued her. “Bad Ass” she acquired at Dr. Beth’s; I asked if “that kitten that just came in” was feral or aggressive, and Beth answered, “Yeah, not so much. But she’d like to think she is.” Then posted these 3 Nike 1

I bet you’ve already worked out how she got “The Moth”.

So Nike Bad Ass The Moth awaits her furever fiefdom. Other dogs or cats are a bonus; she loves to play. Laptops are a must; she’s reformatted Jack’s twice this week. We don’t recommend her for small children. Nike loves to cuddle, but she’s so tiny, she could be squeezed to death.

We realize that people are reading this in Korea, Canada, and other cool places very far away from Big Stone, so we encourage you to get your next pet from a shelter or rescue. If anyone nearby is interested in Nike – or any of her foster siblings – come down to the bookstore and have a chat with her.

nike overlordShe’ll keep an ear out for you.


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8 responses to “Egad! Those Ears!

  1. My friends tell me (looking at MY kitten) that big ears mean big adult cat. Just what *I* don;t want (my 14 y o cats weigh 13 lb together…)
    A great name for an adorable little artifact. Do you have a section on CATS?

  2. How adorable! And thanks for the heads up on fly strike; I’d never heard of it and, after reading the details online, I’ll certainly be keeping a closer eye on my ferals, who occasionally turn up with a wound.

  3. All of my pets are rescues and I can’t say enough on what a wonderful experience it is—for both owner and pet. This kitty is totally adorable and lucky for both of you—those ears will certainly bring in curious customers!

  4. what a sweetie pie. so thankful she was saved from that horrible ickiness. I’d say poor baby, but she isn’t anymore. my Annabelle walks across the laptop but has never managed to reformat it. She does get iTunes to pop up just about every time.

  5. Sally Wiggins

    Aaaawh, I may have seen her when I was over there on Saturday. I know I saw the little black one headed to New York. Thank you Little Bookstore for all you do for the animals.

  6. Having seen her in the early stages of recovery, I can attest that she’s special. I wish I could make her mine…errrrr…I wish she could make me hers….but alas, ’tis not the time.

  7. Cathie Collins

    Sam is talking to me, but she still cries when she sees pics of that sweet baby. If we didn’t have so many, she would definitely not be in your blog!! 🙂

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