Tails and Tales

Jack’s weekly guest blog –

Kittens! Kittens everywhere!!

They’re in my lap, under my feet, knocking over books and chasing each other all round the shop. Then they all, as one, keel over and go to sleep in a sweet little puddle of cuddling. Until it all starts again!

jack and nikeI’m the curmudgeon of course – “no more, this is the last one, we’re a bookstore not an animal shelter!”

But then one of them sneaks onto my lap or curls up on my shoulder – and purrs – – –

It’s hard to believe these little fluffballs would have been killed if we hadn’t taken them in. It’s harder to think about the ones we didn’t have room for. Wendy’s proud of having recruited two new foster families this month, so her rescue got up to about 2 in 5 kittens getting pulled from the shelter before the inevitable happened.

Kerouac, Ferlenghetti, and Nike being very Manx!

Kerouac, Ferlenghetti, and Nike being very Manx!

We honestly would love to keep them all, but the current crop just have to find homes. Poor Valkitty is grumpy as all get out about these pesky youngsters invading her space and, besides, we can’t take any more until we find homes for these five.

There’s Nike “Bad Ass” The Moth

Nike the wonder kitten

Nike the wonder kitten


and Kerouac

                                                                                                                        and Joan Baezjoan posing

not to mention Winston Moneybags, who is already neutered

Winston sleepingK, F and JB are siblings: F is a cuddler, K a soccer player, and JB a preener who likes to sit about striking poses. Nike is a benevolent dictator, lap sitter and “carry me about” kitten; and Winston was dumped in the ATM room of a local bank and likes to lie on the backs of chairs or in windowsills.

So come on folks! Fill your home with fuzzy love and laughter – and doing the kitten shuffle. A free kitten with every book purchased!


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5 responses to “Tails and Tales

  1. There is a certain house on a street in a town where I used to live (TERRIBLE first phrase, but…)that always makes me smile; despite the fact that I almost wrecked there.

    One Saturday morning in the early 90’s, I was heading for the grocery store when a huge (the size football teams run through!) homemade sign to my right caught my attention. The sign, stretched and taped to two tall pine trees, read FREE KITTENS (and in much smaller print) While They Last!

    I laughed out loud, shaking my head and then noticing I was moving pretty fast and about to hit a large, late model SUV waiting at the corner stop sign. I burned rubber, squealed tires, and missed hitting him by maybe a quarter inch.

    The driver turned around and looked, then pointed to the KITTENS sign and laughed. Then he proceeded forward. I did, too.

    It was a split-second, wordless experience I’ll never forget.

    Perhaps you should consider such a sign?

    Have a purrfect day,

  2. Aw, such beautiful kittens. If I lived on the same continent as you I’d definitely take one or two on.

  3. Love this post! Wish I could take one of two or three but my husband thinks our two are enough.

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