My blog is about to hit 100,000 visits, and our bookstore Facebook page is about to hit 1,000 likes. We’ve been looking for ways to celebrate these milestones, and a chat with a friend the other day helped us hit on the perfect plan. (Thanks, Sam!)

Drum roll please……

Announcing the “Funniest Pick-up Line in a bookstore” competition. Witty, silly, just plain bad, or even one that might actually work: give us your best shot at sparking interest from someone who catches your interest while browsing books. You can put your entry under any blog post; just start the comment with PICK UP LINE CONTEST.

When we hit 1,000 on Facebook or 100,000 here, whichever comes first, we will choose a winner. Jack, I, and any friend who happens to be in our house at the moment of truth, will be the judges. (That random friend would naturally be exempted from voting for him/herself.) Winner gets a free Jack Beck music CD and the top entries will be in a blog post.

So get your game on, keep it classy, and have fun! And remember, post them here, not on Facebook. We won’t be able to keep up with both places. Thanks!


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34 responses to “ANNOUNCING THE 100,000 VISITS CONTEST!

  1. Stacy Baker

    PICK UP LINE CONTEST: “Do you breed here – um, I mean, READ here often?”

  2. Hi, whenever you’re not reading, would you like to get together and discuss books?

  3. anne64

    Pick up Line Contest: [this really happened] (Waiter to cute girl, reading The Old Man and the Sea) “So….. you want the Hemmi–hamburger? “

  4. Amy L. Goettsch

    Pick up Line Contest: I have an extra coffee and would love to discuss the book you are perusing.

  5. Kelley Pearson

    I see you’re a Poe fan. So am I! How about you come “rap, rap, rapping on my chamber door” around seven tonight? I will serve you some of my “Amontillado” and if “The Imp of The Perverse” is in spirit, you can show me your “pit” and I will show you my “pendulum”?

    I see you’re selecting “King Lear” and a copy of the New Testament. Two of my favorites. If you don’t let me take you out for a drink and duscussion, I would say we’re in for a tragedy of biblical proportions.

  6. Rosemary Beddingfield

    Oh, is that “Gone with the Wind” you’re reading or did you just

  7. Kelley Pearson

    Pick-up line contest: *waiting nervously outside the door for a pretty girl to come along* Hi! I have an intense case of bibliophobia and am in desperate need of a guide to the books on cd section. Would you care to hold my hand and lead me there?

  8. Kelley Pearson

    Pick up line contest: (man to woman) Oh my gosh, i love children’s literature. “The Sleeping Beauty” trilogy by A. N. Roquelaure! How about we read some of these stories to your little one and then we can watch something at least PG-13 while she is sleeping?

  9. James R

    Pick-up line contest: (Woman to man) HI, I am Seshat. The Goddess of Books and all wisdom. You’ve been selected to give me a child.

  10. Mark Seaton

    Pick-up Line Contest: I’m not usually this forward, but I couldn’t help but notice your amazing table of contents. And if you are in concordance, I believe all indices favor that our meeting not be a mere footnote, but rather, a co-authored magnum opus.

  11. M. A. Williams

    PICK UP LINE CONTEST: (Man to woman)
    I’ll bet you’ve got “50 Shades of Grey” sittin’ on your nightstand. Can I interest you in conducting a little risque business?
    Hey, babe. You know, that Darcy dude really got a bum rap. Wanna rewrite some chapters with me?
    Can’t believe I ran into you here! I’ve got my wish list (flourishes electronic device), and you’re the No. 1 bestseller!

  12. James R

    Pick up line contest: (Man to Woman) WOW! This bookstore is magical. I just made a wish and there you are.

  13. Lacy

    I’d love to catch you in my rye.

  14. Overheard in a bookstore: (Clearly, they were casual acquaintances.)
    In the eco-friendly section:
    Boy: What are you getting?
    Girl: Some recycling books. I think being eco-friendly is important. I always try to do my part.
    Boy: Me, too. You know what they say, to conserve water, to conserve energy, shower with a friend. You wanna?

    (She gasped, slapped him, laughed, bought her recycling books and left with him. Talk about an Eco-warrior. That’s commitment.)

  15. Alice

    “Do you read here often?” (sorry, I am a bit rusty 🙂 )

  16. I’ve been having the worst case of writer’s block on my book on lovely women, but it all went away when I saw you and I’d like to say thanks by taking you out to eat.

  17. Laura

    Pickup line contest: “Ooh Baby, you flip my pages!” (I’m doubtful of the success rate on this one. Use at your own risk.)

    “Do you know Shakespeare?”
    “Then we already have a lot in common”

  19. Kathy Doyle


    Oh My !! Have you seen what’s between these pages???
    Lets explore!!!

  20. MarkSeaton

    So, do we have a winner? I see the FB page has 1016 likes.

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