What has it got in its Pocketses?

golumnPeople who own bookstores wind up with the most amazing things in our pockets at the end of the day. Here is an inventory of mine from yesterday:

a broken cat toy – Saw it on the floor, didn’t want a dog to swallow it, picked it up just as our first customers walked in, so stuck it in my pocket until I could get to a trash can.

guitar picks – Jack is often asked to spontaneously entertain bookstore guests, and he leaves these everywhere after.

wood screws – Ditto. I don’t complain; he puts up shelves every week, just about, or does some other repair. Sometimes I think he leaves the screws so I’ll know he was working there….

a crochet hook – This is the only thing I deliberately put in my pocket that morning. Because you never know when you’ll have spare time.

various receipts and school photographs – People are forever leaving these in books. I’m pretty sure I never bought “vg lmn ast 2pk $4.99” from a place called “Far and Away” in Levington, MT. (IS there a Levington, MT?)

a mangled paperback cover – Our foster kittens sleep in the mystery room. Usually they understand the rules of correct behavior, but yesterday they’d had a go at poor Herman Wouk. I grabbed the shredded evidence from the floor because I was on my way to showing customers where Sue Grafton’s books were, and I didn’t want them to see what the kittens had done.

a lettuce leaf – We had several people eating buffet style yesterday. I don’t help serve, but was up there getting a glass of water and the leaf was just sitting, enigmatically, on a low shelf of food-themed murder mysteries. I picked it up, intending to throw it away, but someone was in the bathroom so I stuck it in my pocket until I could get to a trash can.

two pencils, a pen, four paper clips, and a pencil sharpener – Straightening a couple of shelves, I noticed some books didn’t have prices, so grabbed a pencil. Apparently about an hour later, I did the same thing, plus the sharpener. I grabbed the pen to tally a customer. I don’t know how the paper clips got in there.

a child’s sock – I found it in the children’s room, on a shelf. I don’t know why. I don’t know what to do with it.

two business cards – People come in; they tell you about their services; you tell them they can put a flyer up in the “local business” section by the door. They thank you, give you one business card, and leave. They never bring flyers. I don’t know why.

assorted bottle caps – Customers who come into the store with soft drinks or bottled water are usually very taken with the kittens, and give them the caps to play with. No problem, everyone likes this, but throughout the day I tend to rake in quite a haul.

a 500MG Tylenol – I meant to swallow it surreptitiously in our private kitchen, but when a customer asked a question, I pocketed it for later, and then it got mixed up with the pencils and the lettuce leaf, and the sock…

So, what’s in your pockets?

9 thoughts on “What has it got in its Pocketses?

  1. You should bag up your pocket contents and date the bag with a sharpie. You’ll never need a diary.
    Along with the dry laundry, I always seem to find a handful of very clean guitar picks in the dryer because hubs and son leave them in their pockets. I tell them it’s just one more little service I offer–don’t want them to be embarrassed around their friends by dingy picks or ones with ring around the tortoiseshell. Hubs got misty yesterday when he opened an instrument case and found a Grisman pick with toothmarks from his long-dead Husky, who had chewed the pick as a puppy.

  2. Love your blog! So thankful to you, also, for being instrumental in the finding of Tilla Lee. Christy is one more happy camper! Have a great Sunday!

  3. The yearbook of the Naval Academy is called the “Lucky Bag”. There is/was a Navy tradition of accumulating the “lost and found” stuff found aboard ship in a “lucky bag”, to be raffled off at the end of the voyage. Some of the yearbooks are quite valuable.

    But a favorite yarn is about a couple from California who stopped in our former shop on their way to the airport after taking their infant to the National Institutes of Health. The baby wore socks, and while the mother was busy looking at books, it was busy shucking it socks off. After they left, I found the socks and put them aside. Several months later, they returned; “You didn’t happen to find some socks?”

    Don Ramsey     
    All Books Considered  Allbooks@aol.com  AllBooksConsidered.net
    (240) 504-9340   8116 Roanoke Ave., Takoma Park MD 20912

  4. Do you wear an apron? They come in handy. So do fanny packs (YEAH, I know the translation) and back packs. I have a counter at home that is the gathering place for this sort of thing. Jan Janice Brooks-Headrick 865-429-1783 Storyteller Author Instigator facebook.com/janice.brooksheadrickCorresponding SecretarySmoky Mountain Storytellers Association

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