Angus still Sees Clearly from One Eye

DSCN0455Good morning everyone. My name is Angus and I’m a foster cat at the bookstore. I’m the last one here, and Mom says not to be upset about that; it’s just that people don’t understand black cats. She says someday soon somebody’s gonna walk in here and pick me up and find out what a great snuggler I am and how pretty my purr is, and they’re gonna take me home.

She says it a lot. I think she’s trying to make me feel better.

See, I have this wonky eye. My left eye has kind of a second eyelid over it. It doesn’t hurt and it doesn’t bother me much, since I don’t have to hunt for food anymore. When I was a little kitten out with the feral colony at the high school, it was kind of a problem, so I used to be pretty skinny. Mom says now I’m “solid.”

But the eyelid is, well, it’s kinda ugly so I know people look at me and then look away. Mom says the way I lift my head to see on that side is endearing, and somebody’s gonna love me for that. Again, I appreciate her efforts to keep my spirits up.

Being a black cat – with just a few white chest hairs – and having a bad eye, and then being about 13 weeks old, it’s like three strikes in a one-strike world, y’know? Is anybody ever gonna love me?

Although, I do have one thing going in my favor. I’m neutered. Didn’t hurt a bit. Worst part was skipping breakfast. Mom took me to the clinic and this pretty little blond nurse held my paw and told me to be brave, and then I got sleepy, and then I woke up and could have all the food I wanted. Nothing to it.

Mom says lots of people are looking for boy cats already neutered, and any day now…..

Yeah, yeah. I don’t mind what kind of home it is. I like dogs and I like other cats, (that’s me with my foster brother playing Boxes) and I LOVE people. Carry me, cuddle me, pull my tail (gently, you know). Just don’t call me late to dinner. I got a lot of love to give, y’know? I just wanna get started.042

So, maybe sometime soon, someone will walk in here like Mom says, and look at me, and I’ll look at them, and that’ll be that. I’ll be ready. I’ve got my favorite jingle toy all picked out – Mom says I can take it with me -and maybe a blankie. I’m ready!!!!


8 thoughts on “Angus still Sees Clearly from One Eye

  1. Angus! You are just precious and you would definitely come home with me if I could get you out here to the Pacific Northwest. Be patient. You will steal someone’s heart soon and be a special addition in their home. Meanwhile enjoy your bookstore home and read lots of stories about hero kitties and purr some songs to delight the visitors!

  2. Angus, I’m a black cat named Flora from Piney Flats, TN, with a wonky eye like yours. Now I’m a resident of the Rose City, Portland, OR. My eye was affected by an old herpes infection left untreated in an earlier life. I look out at life with a dark lens over that eye but the sun shines through my good one. Someone wanted me and there will be someone for you. I’m sending you positive thoughts and love. Your time will come.

  3. I love you Angus! Please tell your mom that her work with cats encouraged me to adopt my own kitty! There is a good group of people in Waldorf, MD called ” Last Chance Rescue” that save cats and dogs from rural shelters and bring them to Washington DC area PetSmart stores where they find their new mom and dads. That is where I found my “Hooligan” (now named Wesley). I have to say Little Wes is my best friend! You, too, will find your new mom and dad soon! I think both of your eyes are equally beautiful! Blessings!

    • He has! He left Monday, to a family with four girls who have since sent video of him playing with his new toys (of which there are many) and asking if we knew his birthday because they were signing him up for the pet club at the local supermarket. We think Angus is pretty happy, and are sure a picture of him in a baby carriage is just a day away.

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