OK team – a new contest. This picture gets posted to my timeline weekly. After two years of this, I decided to trace its story via GoogleImage. No info. Can’t find anything other than first circulation date and that it appears to be Dutch.
So, the first person to bring the correct full story (who are they; who made the stuff; was this a dare, a charity, for fun, etc.) wins a free Spay and Neuter afghan, colors of your choosing (you pay postage only). Let’s get to the bottom of this. It’s kinda making me crazy.
crochet guys

7 thoughts on “SOLVE THE MYSTERY!

  1. Oh, I have no answers, and my severe case of laziness prevents me from tackling the necessary research. But I can look at this picture and make up the most outstanding stories! What a priceless picture!

  2. Any luck yet? Just found your post while trying to research the same thing! Ended up with a bunch of dead ends so I hope you had better luck!

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