The Monday Caption Contest

Ladies and Gentlemen, between doing edits on the book I’m writing,  getting Jack launched to Scotland,  and fostering eleven kittens, I haven’t had time to read this week. I don’t have a Monday book.

But I did have time to snap this priceless photo of Uncle Bert with one of his foster kitties. The winning caption will receive hand-crocheted dishcloths. Have fun!

kitten sitting on Bert 004This contest is on the Appalachian Feline Friends page, on Facebook. If you can’t post there, post here and I’ll copy your caption onto FB so audience response can determine the winner.


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8 responses to “The Monday Caption Contest

  1. Carol Tyree

    You can teach old dogs new tricks after all !!!😻

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  2. Sue Wallis

    Love is love is love is love… If they can do it, so can we.

  3. Everett C Maneth sr

    “Uncle Bert with Little Squirt”

  4. Cat on a Rin Tin Tin by Virginia Bert

  5. Ann Mathews

    Knowing where you are safe. Ann Mathews

  6. Sally Kirby

    Mommy ??

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