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The Monday Caption Contest

Ladies and Gentlemen, between doing edits on the book I’m writing,  getting Jack launched to Scotland,  and fostering eleven kittens, I haven’t had time to read this week. I don’t have a Monday book.

But I did have time to snap this priceless photo of Uncle Bert with one of his foster kitties. The winning caption will receive hand-crocheted dishcloths. Have fun!

kitten sitting on Bert 004This contest is on the Appalachian Feline Friends page, on Facebook. If you can’t post there, post here and I’ll copy your caption onto FB so audience response can determine the winner.


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My friend Elissa Shoots Kittens and Paraplegic Puppies

elissa kissing dachshundThis is my friend Elissa. Yeah, she kisses dogs on the mouth. She does other weird things too, like shoot paraplegic dogs and little baby kittens. But it’s okay. She’s a photographer. And a dachshund rescuer. She rescues them and puts them in unspeakable costumes.

dachshund wig As you can see, Elissa has an evil streak. I have solid proof. Elissa is a dog rescuer, and Jack and I are dachshung frogcat rescuers. Because most of getting an animal re-homed hinges on the right person seeing that they’re available and adorable, we need constant photos taken of our winsome wee kitties.

Elissa takes most of them. You can see dozens on our bookshop FB page “Tales of the Lonesome Pine LLC.” She also did the official portraits of our staff cats Beulah and Val-Kyttie (on the right).

valkyttie suspicionbeulah Elissa has a way of getting to the core of the animals–or indeed of any photographic subject. She photographed the cover for the large print edition of Little Bookstore. She took my author photo. But the girl can just get silly, too. Because when I asked her to post “eye-catching, adorable” FB pics of our latest fosters, this is what she shot. Go ahead; post a caption. Everyone else did.

crotch kitten

I love Elissa; who couldn’t adore a woman who takes in a paralyzed dog and shoots it? (That’s her Queen Bee dachshund, Nellie, in the wings; that pic went viral on social media in 2012 as “Why you don’t just Euthanize a Special Needs Dog.”)

nellie wings

Still, she can be a little bit insane sometimes. Comes of being blonde, I suppose…

nell hound

Editor’s note: If you want to see more of Elissa’s animal photography, she has a page called Elp6n on Facebook.


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Caption Contest reminder

It’s the day before Thanksgiving. Is there anyone in America who isn’t making a list, checking it twice, and waaaaay too busy to read a long blog today? (Hi, readers outside the States not yet caught up in the holiday madness!) So, here is a reminder that the November Caption Contest closes Nov. 30. Leave a caption in Comments, and if you want to see what other people have left already, scroll back to its first posting on Nov. 14th. Winner receives a copy of Little Bookstore of Big Stone Gap (which, by the way, is being published in Poland and Portugal!). I’m asking Heather Volk, Andrew Whalen, and Jack Beck to judge the entries. And remember, kids read this page sometimes…. HAPPY THANKSGIVING and as the season of holiday madness descends on us, whatever you celebrate, hope it is filled with joy, family and friends. And a little bit of random chaos, like this photo.


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OK, Last Time~

Today is the Big Stone Celtic Festival, when men in kilts take over the town and the sound of bagpipes echoes across the valley–and echoes, and echoes, and echoes…..
So all the prospective bloggers are busy today, and those of us left alive tomorrow will be in touch about how it all went. Meanwhile, please enter the last Caption Contest sponsored by St. Martin’s Press. This is the photo, and you can leave your entry in the Comments Section here, or back at Sept. 10, the first time the picture was put up. And we’ll catch up with you after the festival–once we’ve cleaned up after the sheep and horses….



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Caption Contest VII (The LAST ONE)

Okay, all you kitten lovers and bibliophiles out there: have at it! This is the last caption contest of the seven St. Martin’s Press has sponsored. Cassie, back in the bowels of the Flatiron Building in NYC, waits to give the winner a print or e-copy of The Little Bookstore of Big Stone Gap. Here’s the photo, and captions are due by midnight on Monday, Sept. 24.

If you are unfamiliar with either figure in this photo, on the right is my husband Jack. On the left is staff kitten Owen Meany. (There’s a blog about how Owen got her name if you scroll back to late June. Yes, her name.)

Put your captions under comments, keep it family-friendly of course, and have fun! Also, congratulations to Callie the Flower, who won Caption Contest VI with her entry comparing Shakespeare to tuna. (The contest is Aug. 29 if you’d like to see what she wrote and what inspired the writing.) In second place was Kaylee with “To sleep, perchance to dream; aye, there’s the belly rub.” Which might give you an idea about the photo she was captioning. BTW the cat in the Shakespeare photo is named Garfunkel and he was adopted by a family in the same week that the contest ran. If you read this blog regionally, we have the world’s friendliest female cat here, Agnes Grey, looking for her forever home. Agnes is a total snuggle bunny who likes to ride on your shoulder like a baby. Come see her if you’re in town!)


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Caption Contest VI (closes Sept. 10)

Okay, your favorite thing! Caption Contest VI is the last but one in our seven-contest series sponsored by St. Martin’s Press. Winner gets a free book (the one I wrote, although if you really wanted a different one we could probably find it for you. We’re a bookshop, after all.)

Put your caption under comments, keep ’em family-friendly, and have fun! (Oh, and please make sure we have a way to find you if we win; we can’t find “SAL,” who won caption contest V.)


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Caption Contest V winners: Warm Fuzzies all ‘Round!

Congratulations to Sal, who won Caption Contest V with this entry:

“Ah. Château La Paws Zinfandel. Good nose. Fine color. A hint of sage. Bright red cherry fruit. But does she ever share with me?”

Second place was a tie between Christina Meade for her Tom Paxton parody: Well, a preacher will preach and a teacher will teach and a miner will dig in the mine. I read the books, trusting in my looks and a sniffin’ my goblet of wine…

and Stacy Baker for: “Ma chérie, I find myself drawn to you – you smell like delicate flowers on a warm spring day,” – – noise in background – – pause – – “Aww, ma!! I don’t want a bath – – I’m talking to my girlfriend!!!”

And the Jack Beck discretionary prize goes to Teresa Ward for: “Hmmm…nice bouquet, but should I lap and spit or lap and swallow?”

Warm fuzzies are the only reward for the second place winners, but we are pleased to inform Teresa (a resident of the Big Stone Gap area) that she has won a kitten!!!!


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