…And Then You Sneeze

For weeks, I have been writing on Little Cathouse (the working title of the next fun book) finishing up edits on Fall or Fly (the foster care and adoption journalism storytelling book with Ohio University Press, less fun than intense) and moving offices at the college, where the Graduate Medical Education Consortium I run is headed to the local hospital to operate as an independent 501c3. All good stuff, but busy.

So I had kind of set my clock that the second week of April, as soon as the big conferences were over and I’d sent the final edits of Fly and the working draft of Cathouse, I would get to putter around the bookstore. The Classics room looks like someone threw a keg party. The Mystery room appears to have been the scene of a crime. And the Children’s room looks . . . well, as though kids were in there.

They all need straightening. It’s good Zen. I like to have my hands on the bookstore even when other things call me away. So I was so looking forward to this weekend….

….and then the sneezing started. I’ve gone done with one of those “I don’t care what happens next” illnesses, where your hair hurts and your brain curls in on itself and you can hear the blood in your ears. What isn’t flowing is waiting for its chance, and there isn’t much in the universe of interest.

So the shelves will wait another week. Right now, the shop could tumble around my ears, the books start their own major league baseball teams and head out on a bus, and the cats take over the cooking–and I wouldn’t notice.

I’m going back to bed. Next week.

8 thoughts on “…And Then You Sneeze

  1. Wendy, I hope you feel better fast. What great writing in this post though, even in the grip of the “crud”! The dishevelment will wait, don’t worry. Or is it a “Creative Stage”?

  2. Hope you’re over it quickly. But it does seem like lots of times, our bodies are at least considerate enough to wait until just after stressful periods to yell “My turn!” and demand our attention. We push so hard to get the Big Thing done and our systems make us collapse and regroup once it’s over.

  3. So sorry to hear you’ve been hit by this bug. It was hitting everyone here in northern Illinois a few weeks ago, but seems to be about done here. I hope it’s moved on from VA soon too. I hope you’re over it soon.

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