Nothin’ scary ’bout the Bookstore – –

Jack’s Wednesday guest post beats the deadline!

One of our favorite times here in the bookstore is Halloween when the shops in town provide treats to the kids. We’re a bit different because our treat is a free book! This sometimes comes as a bit of a shock for a couple of reasons. First of all we invite the kids to come in and choose a book from the ‘kids’ room’, and secondly, they occasionally  expect something of a more candy-ish nature. I discovered years ago that inviting kids into the shop is considered a bit scary around here (they usually expect to just stand at the door and get a ‘treat’). For us it’s a treat to see upwards of a hundred kids with their parents traipsing in and out clutching a book and the costumes are usually amazing.

trunk 4

trunk 3

trunk 1   trunk 2





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3 responses to “Nothin’ scary ’bout the Bookstore – –

  1. Cathy Rickey

    Absolutely adorable! Love the little old man!

  2. priscillaking

    Thanks for sharing…I like Cousin It 🙂

  3. bex

    Friend and I made a pre-Halloween visit to a bookstore with her grandsons, where the 4 year old picked out “Creepy Carrots.” That book and a bag of baby carrots in the fridge saved the day when I made The Wrong Lunch. Who knows, perhaps one of those book-treats changed some child’s day …or life. Bravo!

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